Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How to maximise your fishing package at Gills Fishing Pond?

Come at the right time, at the right price!
The best package to take based on their current promotion is definitely the 9pm to 6am (next day) promotion at $60. This is 9 hours at $60 which amounts to $6.70 hourly (cheaper than prawning!). Gills allows you to "keep the hours" and requires that you top up a minimum of 1 hour ($30) when you want to redeem your remaining hours.

The best time to fish would of course be the timings where they release fish. It's a pretty small, contained pond so not much retained fish from previous releases will linger for long. Here's a quick guide on how to utilise* the hours for the 9pm to 6am promotion.

Total hours: 11, Total spend: $120 (additional 2 hours x $30)
1st trip: 9pm to 1am (total 4 hours utilised); 10pm and 12am fish release
2nd trip: 9pm to 1am (total 3 hours utilise + 1 hour top up); 10pm and 12am fish release
3rd trip: 10pm to 1am (total 2 hours utilise + 1 hour top up); 10pm and 12am fish release

Of course, you can spend 9 hours at the pond straight but if not, one has to buy a minimum of 1 additional hour at $30 to utilise the remaining hours. If you break up your hours like the above example, that will mean you spend $120 in total and secure 6 net release opportunities.

This means that to break even, you will need to land a total of 8 fishes for all 3 sessions (About 2 fish per session which isn't difficult since each session has 2 net releases). Factor in that each piece is probably 1kg and each live fish cost price is at $15/kg estimated (this is the usual snapper, barramundi etc.) Gaos are are worth more and a live hybrid probably weighs in at $20-$30/kg estimated from the farm.
  • 8 fishes x $15 = $120 (you have broke even)
  • 10 fishes x $15 = $150 (you're definitely getting your money back) 
*Utilise within 2 weeks. Multiple visits are ok.

This post is created with information referenced from as of 12 Dec 2017. Gills Fishing terms and conditions might have changed at the time that you are reading this so do head on to their page to get the most updated rates.

Past CR at Gills Fishing 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bring Kids Fishing!

Hi all my beloved readers,

Thank you very much for you past and present support in following my social media and blog posts. It has been more than 10 years since my first blog post and the way that people share fishing stories has changed drastically. The community has seen fishing forum adoption, Facebook pages and closed groups.

After a long thought, I've decided to also evolve the way I engage with you guys. I mean, all you need to do now is to Google and you can get all the answers you need about fishing (except secret fishing spots in Singapore of course!). I'm currently still selling madais, tenyas and metal jigs in my little online shop but what's going to be changing is that I'm going firmly into a cause that I strongly believe in - to bring kids fishing. This is something that I feel is lacking in the world we live in these days where parents do not teach their kids healthy activities. Instead, kids are always glued to their computer screens. This is a pity as fishing is a tradition that has been a way of life for our forefathers and is a healthy hobby that can bring the family together.

At Bring Kids Fishing, I hope to equip parents with basic fishing knowledge (so that they can bring their kids fishing!) or if parents have no time, we'll teach the kids and they can bring their parents fishing!

Currently, I attend to parents on a case to case basis on their fishing related needs. If required, I can conduct fishing lessons, fishing tackle lessons and bring you fishing. The services I provide are meant to be affordable and it makes me happy if customers don't come back to me after a few trips. This means they have graduated!

At the moment, I'm running interest checks for a pilot run of 'Bringing your kid for swa jiam fishing'. If you're interested in this pilot run, kindly contact me using the form found here or you can send me an email at

Let's go fishing!
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